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Library Shelving

We offer an extensive range of library shelving, book shelving and cantilever shelving, all available in a range of materials, colours and sizes. The library shelving is designed to accomodate the storage of books and periodicals without damage and is designed for flexability. The library shelving, book shelving and cantilever shelving is easiy installed and is designed to fit into all new and exisitng libraries and book collection areas. The library shelving can offer tilited shelves for display as well as those horizontal for normal storage.

Call us on 0871 209 1001 for any advice or design information that you need. We offer a nationwide service; so please call us; we would be pleased to help you. 

All these products can be used with roller racking, mobile shelving, roller shelving, roller sheling or high density shelving. The advantages which the use of roller racking, roller shelving, roll and stack, roller shelving, mobile shelving or compact shelving has is to greatly increase capacity. The effect of installing roller racking, mobile shelving, roller shelving or compact shelving often means a 50% increase in capacity. Call us now to discuss your requirements or to ask any questions relating to mobile shelving, roller racking, rolling shelving, roll and stack, roller shelving or compact shelving.

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Library Shelving
Mobile Library Shelving

Mobile library Shelving for books allows the maximum storage of books both in the height and available space, yet offering easy access.

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Mobile Library Shelving
Book Trolley

We offer single sided and double sided book trolleys, as shown in photo. The trolleys are delivered flat-packed.

We can provide a data sheet showing the full range of book trolleys, if required.

Call us with your requirements.

Book Trolley

As part of our service; Storage Essentials offer a nationwide on-site survey and advice service, supported by many years of experience.

To contact us for advice and help please call us on freephone 0800 804 8484 or e mail us on with your requirements or questions.

Everyone within our company takes pride that we offer the highest levels of service, advice and support, so as to ensure that we provide the very best for our clients.

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